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- Web site hosting @ $6.00 to $12.00 per month -
- includes the following ready to go features at no charge -
Discussion Forum (BBS), Guestbook, Visitor Traffic Statistics, Site Seach Engine, Password Protected Area, SSL Secure Server, Shopping Cart Interface, initial Search Engine Submission, Personalized Service and more.

Some Web Site Basics

Our primary goal while working with our customers:

Provide extremely cost effective Web site hosting services so that internet expenses are kept to a minimum. This allows more resources to be directed towards generating traffic to the web site, as well as traditional advertising methods that also point to the web site. Cost effective Web site creation, and management services are also available.

Time to do the right thing?

We feel strongly that every business should have an Internet presence. A Web site is absolutely one of the most cost effective methods of advertising and supporting your business as well as the products or services that you sell. We also know for a fact that the longer you have an Internet presence, the more visible you become because Internet search engines have more time to identify and index your web site. If you currently have a web site than you are right on course and we hope that any information provided here will be helpful for your business enterprise. If you are considering a web site, we hope you will find our services appealing.

Web site hosting with secure e-commerce, traffic statistics, discussion board, guest book, and more, for only $6.00 / $12.00 per month.

Absolutely! While many e-commerce enabled Web site hosting packages cost between $40.00 and $100.00 per month, we have found that most Small Business needs can be extremely well served with a $ 12.00 per month hosting budget. For Web sites that do not require online sales, the monthly fee is only $8.00 per month. Traffic reports, discussion board, guest book, as well as additional utilities are included at no extra charge. We also move existing Web sites for clients if they are unsatisfied with their current hosting service.

Substantial Start Up Costs?

No. A perfectly respectable Internet presence can be established for as little as $ 300.00. While we recommend a minimum $1000.00 first year start up budget, an initial presence is better than no presence at all. We can help you get started

Maintaining a Web site.

Often overlooked, this is an important aspect. While considering a Web site start up, we always recommend that a monthly maintenance budget be considered. We strive to help in this regard by providing very cost effective maintenance services. If a bare minimum budget prevails, than we recommend planning a maintenance budget  for the future as growth permits. For clients who prefer to create, publish, and manage their own Web sites, we offer an extensive support area that provides all information needed to publish and manage a Web site

Who's in Charge?

The client! All web sites hosted by SBWSS and created Sierra Software Services are optimized for portability. That is, we make every effort to facilitate the clients ability for independence in maintaining the web site or even moving to a different hosting provider if it is desired for any reason.

Our Philosophy?

We tend to favor speed of page loading and delivery of content over graphic intensive pages that require the visitors to wait while navigation links download. If your business serves only large companies, then the sky is the limit as they will have high speed digital subscriber services. However, the majority or internet visitors are still using 33K - 56K dial up services. We see little reason to make customers wait for anything that is not essential to the delivery of the Web site content.

We take a conservative and incremental approach to Web site hosting and design that will guarantee client satisfaction and minimize financial outlay.

Please contact us if you would like more information.

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