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Our standard labor rate is $30.00 per hour and we offer a full range of maintenance services.

Most of our clients prefer that we handle routine changes to their Web sites. Our pricing is structured to make this beneficial to both parties. We do encourage client independence and will help achieve this goal whenever possible. Many of these issues are specific to the nature or the particular business. We do bill for labor involved in training our clients to handle general maintenance procedures

A simple five minute change or correction will, in most cases, not be billed to the client. General changes will be billed in blocks of 15 minute increments at our standard labor rate.

Below are a few examples of approximate charges for routine maintenance procedures:

Add new email account $5.00
Add new email forwarding $5.00
Add new email auto responder $10.00
Tailor a Discussion Board with  the "look and feel" of the client web site $30.00
Tailor a Guest Book with  the "look and feel" of the client web site $30.00
Replace a monthly (or current) special item for sale $10.00
Clear an item in your mailbox because uncle Richard sent you a Christmas picture that is 12 megs large and you cant wait for over an hour to download the picture. $10.00
Create a special animated image .gif file.($30.00 per hour) $30.00

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