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Easy Order

A Fast and Economical Online Ordering System

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Easy Order is a combination of licensed online ordering technologies from a 3rd. party vendor coupled with additional software enhancements from Sierra Software Services.

While most on-line ordering systems are priced between $ 200.00 and $ 10,000.00 per business installation (before set-up and data entry), our licensing agreement allows us to create installations for an unlimited number of clients. This allows us to pass these savings directly to our clients. There is no additional charge for the on-line ordering system. We charge a reasonable fee to gather the client's e-commerce data and set up the online ordering system files. We then provide the client with additional custom software tools that simplify the process of adding new items, updating prices, monthly specials, closeouts, and order processing if required. These software tools can adjust all prices and recreate over 100 web pages for a 2000 item catalog in less than 90 seconds (Pentium 166). We also encourage clients to adjust their in house price list maintenance software for optimum conversion to Internet formats.

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